Tutorial: How to Turn your Mobile into a 3rd Factor of Authentication

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This tutorial details the steps to install and test inWebo Strong Authentication solution, turning your mobile device into a third authentication factor, within 3 minutes.

Step 1. Create your inWebo demo account

    • Visit demo.inwebo.com and create your demonstration account
    • Type a valid e-mail address. An activation e-mail will be sent to you
    • Confirm your account by clicking on the activation link
  • Your inWebo demo account has been created and activated.

Step 2. Enroll your mobile device

    • On your mobile, download and install the inWebo Authenticator App

      Authenticator for Android

      Authenticator for iPhone

    • In order to enroll your mobile device, scan the QRCode or type the ID displayed on your PC screen
    • Define your PIN, then click on “Continue”
  • Your mobile device is now activated and enrolled to the inWebo services.

Step 3. Activate inWebo son your browser

In order to activate inWebo on your browser:

    • Click on “Next”
    • Fill the form with your information
  • Your browser and mobile are now activated and enrolled, ready to work with inWebo authentication services.

Step 4. The demo : Authenticating to an online service with the inWebo Mobile Push

To try the Mobile Push Authentication demo:

    • Click on the icon “Demo – Helium”
    • Click on “Connect by phone”
    • The inWebo Authenticator app automatically runs on your mobile…
    • Type your PIN (the one you defined during your mobile device enrollment)
  • You are now successfully authenticated, your browser redirect you to the desired service.

Written by inWebo