BYOD : Quick Steps to Protect Your Systems

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Given the ubiquity of smartphones and the rapid rise of tablets, your IT perimeter security is now more nebulous than ever. However, the main issue that BYOD and mobility in general raise, is how best to control access to your information systems.

This document investigates currently available access control methods and considers how well they adapt to the current environment. Find out how SaaS makes it possible to ensure strong protection in an open and agile world at low cost to better fight identity theft both technically and economically.

Table of Contents

  • Overview of BYOD Usage and Risks – the Current State of Play
  • Accessing your Systems in the Era of Mobility and BYOD
  • Requirements for User Authentication with BYOD
  • Comparison of Authentication Methods & BYOD Suitability
  • What is Strong Authentication as a Service?

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